rSpeak text to voice solutionsrSpeak Technologies, speech software industry leaders, proudly announces the company will be taking part in CES® 2017, leveraging this exciting global gathering to showcase rSpeak, the high-quality text to speech software recently recognized by long-time speech industry observer, ASR News, as providing the most accurate TTS voice available on the market (Read the complete story here). rSpeak will be launching 2 new Italian and Spanish female voices in Q1 2017 thereby consolidating its premium offering with a total of 9 languages and 11 high-quality voices.

rSpeak’s innovative TTS voices are the result of meticulous research culminating in unique voice personas that guarantee high-quality audio content capable of conveying a sense of trustworthiness and confidence in a variety of languages, enabling brands, businesses and developers to deliver superior user experiences and communicate brand identity across channels. In the creation of rSpeak’s voices, combinations of AI and DNN technologies are used, which benefit from the collective use of big amounts of data. These methods are augmented by expert linguistic knowledge.

“We are proud of having been selected to represent innovation in the Netherlands by being part of the prestigious Holland Startup Pavilion in Eureka Park” said Joop Heijenrath, co-founder of rSpeak Technologies. “CES® inspires the world’s consumer technology success stories. Speech has a key role to play in the majority of these success stories”.

Whatever the vertical market or business, talk to us about how speech-enabling your content with lifelike rSpeak TTS voices will make your multimedia applications, embedded or mobile devices and platforms more engaging and relatable.

Contact rSpeak Technologies and ask for a meeting at CES® 2017 or look us up at the show in the Holland Startup Pavilion at Booth 51631 in Eureka Park, Sands Level 1, Hall G.

CES® is the largest technology trade show in the world, showcasing more than 3,800 companies and startups.

Special Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje is delighted with the enthusiastic response. “There was an abundance of sign-ups from very high quality startups from all the major tech regions in the Netherlands. The huge interest exceeded our expectations. The selected startups are a showcase of the many areas of innovation and technology in which The Netherlands excels.”