rSpeak Technologies is pleased to announce the latest member of its world class family of high quality text-to-speech voices: introducing Pilar, the new female rSpeak TTS voice for the Spanish language.

Pilar is the new native Castilian Spanish TTS speaker to feature in the rSpeak speech engine, recently recognised by long-time speech industry observer ASR News as providing the most accurate US English (female) text-to-speech voice available on the market (See the complete story here).

Like other rSpeak family members, Pilar is a unique, lifelike voice persona born from meticulous research and development in deep neural networks, deep learning for speech analysis, prosody models and pronunciation modelling, to guarantee high-quality audio content capable of conveying a sense of trustworthiness, confidence, and quality.

Click on Pilar’s avatar to hear her speak!

Pilar Spanish Voice

Pilar joins the growing rSpeak voice line up, which includes Sophie, Mark and Jeff (American English), Alice (British English), Jack (Australian English), Max (German), Maja (Swedish), Ilse (Dutch), and Elise (French).

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