Older gentleman using digital deviceIn the physical world, accessibility is a significant factor in designing and assessing how efficiently mobility systems serve populations. A parallel to this principle also exists in the cyber-world, where accessibility-related factors are indicative of how effective web sites, mobile services and apps are at delivering the services they claim to provide.

Every day, a large portion of the world’s population – including visually impaired or low-vision users – interact with some sort of web-based service or app. Moreover, the 50+ demographic is increasingly embracing technology as part of their lives. Theirs may be a slower adoption process compared to other generations, but nevertheless, it is a growing user group with needs and expectations brands and institutions need to strive to cater for.

There are popular resources to enable developers to design websites, services and apps for visually impaired users – leveraging screen readers and standard design approaches, for instance. However, using web-based and mobile services can sometimes be daunting for less technologically-agile users who are not visually impaired yet struggle to find the information they’re looking for. It may be they simply find technology intimidating, perceive it as too fast-paced and advanced. Designing services and apps in such a way that fruition is a positive experience rather than a stressful one means engaging the attention and gaining the trust of this group of users.

rSpeak Technologies offers a growing family of state of the art text-to-speech voices that are a perfect fit for speech-based telephony, web and mobile services, promoting their accessibility and making them easy-to-use and enjoyable for everyone, in a variety of languages and voices from around the globe.

Whatever the vertical market, whether you’re designing services for the private or public sector, communicating your content in a natural, direct way that’s easy to understand thanks to rSpeak’s acclaimed TTS software is the best way to make your offering accessible to all your customers and users.

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