Gina avatarrSpeak Technologies is delighted to announce that the rSpeak Text-to-Speech repertoire now includes Italian. Meet the new addition to a world class family of text to speech voices: Gina, the new Italian female rSpeak TTS voice has arrived!

Gina is now available to serve customers across all verticals in her engaging native Italian voice, expanding the reach of rSpeak’s high-quality TTS software, recognized by long-time speech industry observer ASR News as providing the most accurate US English (female) text-to-speech voice available on the market (See the complete story here).

Italian is among Europe’s main official languages: the third most widely spoken first language in the European Union with 65 million native speakers. It is spoken as a second language by 14 million EU citizens, including Italian speakers in non-EU European countries like Switzerland and Albania, and on other continents, for a total of roughly 85 million people around the globe.

Like the other rSpeak family members, Gina is an exceptionally lifelike voice persona born from meticulous research and development in deep neural networks, deep learning for speech analysis, prosody models and pronunciation modeling guaranteeing high-quality audio content that conveys trustworthiness, confidence, and quality.

Click on Gina’s avatar to hear her introduce herself!