The rSpeak TTS engine team (who is part of HOYA SPEECH) have been busy introducing a number of exciting new updates and features over the past few months. Here’s a summary of the major updates:

  • New languages added: Italian, Norwegian Bokmål
  • New voices released: Gina, Italian female, Benoit, French male and Lykke, Norwegian female
  • General improvement to our existing voices
  • General performance improvements
  • Improved voice quality in smaller footprints
  • SSML enhancements
  • Improved position reporting for word events generated from symbolic characters
  • Improved position tracking with pre-parse lexicon in use
  • Improved text normalization and homograph disambiguation
  • Updated general and API documentation
  • Expanded customer lexicon support
  • New API functions introduced
  • Improved reporting of positions for word and sentence events

HOYA Speech offers the most high-quality synthetic speech voices on the market. Please contact us if you’d like to give your next project the market’s most accurate TTS voices.