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rSpeak Technologies works with businesses, developers, OEMs and partners to provide embedded, server and cloud-based text-to-speech applications with different footprint levels. rSpeak Technologies provides developers with the tools to integrate fluent, natural text-to-speech voices and increase accessibility for all users.

Through a unique combination of text normalization, lexical lookup, grapheme to phoneme modelling, prosody modelling, manuscript creation, recording of voice talent and acoustic database creation, rSpeak Technologies develops premium text-to-speech voices. The research and development efforts of the company result in advanced expertise in deep neural networks, deep learning for speech analysis, prosody models and pronunciation modelling.

rSpeak Technologies is a software company initiated by the owners of ReadSpeaker. Both companies are part of the same family: rSpeak operates as a fully independent text-to-speech provider in the TTS market, while ReadSpeaker acts as a worldwide platform of solutions based on rSpeak technology.

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