Flexible, personalized text-to-speech technology

Ready to try rSpeak’s voices for yourself? Let our personas give you a demo, and enjoy a hands-on experience with TTS technology.


rSpeak Server

In need of a text-to-speech solution for your locally hosted servers? Choose from rSpeak’s lifelike voices and integrate a versatile TTS solution seamlessly into your existing architecture.

rSpeak Cloud & APIs

rSpeak offers cloud services and APIs for all of your production and development needs. We provide multiple pricing options including rental and subscription packages.

  • Our Streaming Web API allows you to access your voices in your web or mobile app, without bundling the full text-to-speech engine for easy development and a nimbler application.
  • Online Audio Production puts the power of a text-to-speech studio at your fingertips, allowing you to move from log-in to production in seconds.
  • Our HTTP-based Production Web API is ideal for developers, it provides a simple, automated method for generating audio files with our text-to-speech technology.

rSpeak Embedded Text to Speech

At rSpeak, we aim to make life as easy as possible for developers. Our SDK solutions are designed with your needs in mind, and offer all of the tools you need to integrate text-to-speech into your next project.

  • When you’re developing an app for health care, education, or other fields, making them as usable and accessible as possible creates better user experiences, especially if your end-users aren’t so tech-savvy.
  • rSpeak offers SDKs for the most popular platforms, allowing you to reach the maximum audience while providing a vital service for your readers.

Custom Development

We understand that you may have additional requirements, and we’re happy to meet your needs. rSpeak offers custom development to support the platforms and technology that you depend on to get the job done.


Bring your content to life with our growing family of world class, expressive text-to-speech voices.