Who Benefits?

Text to speech is becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, on our favourite websites, and in our most accessible apps. This is great news! Some applications aren’t as widely known, yet they improve quality of life every day. Here are a few of the ones we are familiar with but there’s unlimited potential for TTS applications:



The big-ticket item, and still as important as ever. Text-to-speech opens the online world – and beyond – for people with learning disabilities, visual impairments, and literacy challenges. The internet should be accessible for everyone, and text to speech helps make that goal a reality. Your audience can turn text-based content into accessible audio with one click.


Commuting requires more reading than you might expect, especially if you use public transport. Ever try deciphering a bus schedule in a busy city? Text to speech makes it easier to provide public announcements and give commuters the information they need to travel safely. By providing clear, accessible instructions, you’ll also limit stress on your customer service staff.

Education & Training

Testing is stressful for students, especially when they have difficulty understanding the instructions and questions provided in text. Text to speech provides an easy way for students to convert learning and test-based content into the format that works for them. It’s not just about earning better grades – by making learning more fun, you encourage more students to engage.


We are all busy and sometimes fitting in entertainment requires some multi-tasking. With text to speech, you can save content and listen whenever your schedule allows it. Text to speech also works on gaming consoles, apps, and entertainment websites. A process as simple as skimming the cable TV listings can be dramatically improved when speech-enabled.

Health Care

Health care often requires extensive reading, instructions and forms. Each of these activities is vital to providing accurate health care, and handling insurance matters. By providing text to speech, you will be able to provide your patients with better care. Text to speech also offers many benefits for home health care, from reading prescription labels to providing instructions on using medical devices.


Automated audio is a lifesaver for any business with a customer service department, but it requires a voice that’s clear, welcoming, and easy to understand. Text to speech allows you to customize your company’s call service with the voice that best fits your needs.

Alerts & Notifications

Weather, traffic, and emergency reports are a vital service provided by broadcasters of all types. However, these warnings are often inaccessible for people with difficulty reading. Text to speech allows you to reach the maximum audience when you broadcast critical information but also newsworthy content.


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